Commissioners tight lipped-on Exxon as decision postponed again

County leaders have made up their minds on whether to give a tax break to ExxonMobil, but the public will have to wait at least another week to hear their decision.

County Judge Terry Simpson was absent from commissioners court this morning as he was celebrating the birth of his first grandchild, Commissioner Alma Moreno said.

Commissioner Fred Nardini confirmed the decision on the tax break, which relates to the development of an ethylene steam cracker facility in the Gregory area, will not proceed without the judge.

 “It was apparently the judge’s decision to wait until he gets back. I would imagine if not next week (the decision) would be probably the next Monday. But I haven’t talked to him, yet,” he said.

All four commissioners said they had come to a decision on the matter, but will keep that decision private until the vote.

“Right now I’m going to hold that to myself. I have a decision,” Nardini said.

Moreno agreed.

“I would rather share it when the judge is here,” she said.

 Commissioner Nina Treviño said she has made a choice, but reserves the right to change her mind before the matter is official.

“I’ve got my pros and cons. I can say yes, I have a decision right now. And come when we vote on it, something may have arrived since then. So I prefer just to wait until the day of,” she said.

Commissioner Howard Gillespe also kept his decision to himself, but said he will give a full explanation for his position once it’s time for the court to vote.

“I have (come to a decision), and you’ll have to wait until I vote. I’ve pretty much decided. When we come here for a vote, I’ll let everybody know why my decision was the way it was,” he said.