Letter to the Editor: Public Health at stake with petrochemical plant

I have lived in San Patricio County most of my life and have years of experience in public health so when the location of the proposed site for the Exxon/SABIC plant became public, I thought it must be a mistake because of its proximity to schools and residences. I became truly dismayed after attending a GPISD school board meeting last January. We listened to an attorney explain the Chapter 313 agreement and the reasons that Exxon and SABIC like the 1,400-acre site to build “the largest petrochemical complex of its kind in the world.” One of the reasons that took me aback was “because it is outside of the city limits, they don’t have to deal with public health.” I assume he meant a public health department.

A study by Driscoll Children’s Hospital illustrates the definitive link between pediatric asthma and the proximity to petrochemical complexes. Coupled with the fact that San Patricio County is No. 1 in the state for birth defects, it is unlikely that the proposed petrochemical complex will improve these serious health issues!

The reinvestment zone item is purported to be on the San Patricio County Commissioners Court agenda next week.

-Donna Rosson, Sinton