The Exxon/SABIC GCGV Air Permit Application

Thanks to the Suter Family and our friends at the Sierra Club we have obtained a copy of the entire 209 page GCGV Air Permit Application filed with the TCEQ.  The application goes into technical detail on what this petrochemical facility will emit into the air we breathe.  We received a “preview” with this official notice on what to expect.  It contained the following:

“The facility will emit the following air contaminants: carbon monoxide, hazardous air pollutants, hydrogen
sulfide, nitrogen oxides, organic compounds, particulate matter including particulate matter with diameters of 10 microns or less and 2.5 microns or less, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ethylene oxide, and sulfuric acid mist. The proposed facility will also emit greenhouse gases.”

In the coming days and weeks we will discuss findings and go into detail about how to submit a Public Comment and ask for a Public Meeting with the TCEQ.

We are providing the entire permit application for download below.

Download PDF – GCGV Air Permit Application

Additionally, we have made the permit application searchable via OCR.  You can download this version below.

Download Searchable/OCR PDF – GCGV Air Permit Application OCR