Update on Exxon Terminal at La Quinta Channel

Last week we informed you that Exxon was seeking another air permit to operate its proposed terminal at La Quinta Channel. Two weeks prior to Exxon filing its application for its original air permit in April, the Port magnanimously abandoned its plans for a container operation at what will now be the Exxon terminal. In their press release, they said “Potential effects from increased traffic and industrial noise from a container operation at La Quinta Trade Gateway is not compatible with our values in supporting the quality of life in the adjoining communities. We are committed to the La Quinta Trade Gateway development, and continue to explore other low impact uses for the facility.” Two weeks after Exxon’s filing, the heavy haul road alignment was prepared under the authority of the Port.

In the staff memo to the Port Commissioners in September, they described the project like this: “Portions of GCGV’s plant will be manufactured abroad and transported to the United States by heavy-lift ships, which will deliver these massive plant components to a heavy lift cargo dock to be constructed by GCGV at the end of PCCA’s La Quinta Ship Channel along the San Patricio Turning Basin. From there these massive components will be transported to the Project Site by heavy-lift multi-axle self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) vehicles along heavy haul roads, bridges, and drainage features to be constructed by GCGV. Some of the liquid products produced at GCGV’s plant will be transported to storage tanks constructed by GCGV on land leased from PCCA, and from there these products will be loaded on ships and barges berthed at a liquid cargo dock to be constructed by GCGV near the end of the La Quinta Channel.

The “truths” of this massive Exxon Project are coming to light.