What To Expect at the December 11th TCEQ Public Meeting

This is the first in a series of posts in which we will provide some information on what will occur and how you can participate. This first post is simply about what takes place.

Where/When will the meeting be? The meeting will take place on December 11th at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School and it will start promptly at 7pm.  The address is 308 N. Gregory, Gregory, TX 78359.

Who will be there? TCEQ staff, including the lead Environmental Permit Specialist on Exxon’s Permit, and Exxon representatives. TCEQ runs the meeting.

TCEQ staff will have a sign in table, wanting name, etc. There will also be a box to check if you want to make a comment or otherwise address the TCEQ. If you bring written comments, you may either read them when your name is called, and then hand them over to staff, or, you can leave them at the TCEQ desk when you sign in. You do not need written comments; you can simply speak your mind.

It will begin with introductions and opening remarks by TCEQ staff. Exxon will most likely be given an opportunity to make a brief presentation. The meeting will then be divided into two parts, a Q&A session, and then a “formal comment” period.

In the Q&A, questions can be directed to TCEQ or Exxon personnel. While answers will be on the record, the Q&A is not considered a “formal comment”. It is simply your opportunity to ask questions and get them answered.

The “formal comment” period will then follow. The most important aspect of the comment period is that TCEQ MUST address your comments before a Final Permit is granted, whether they are verbal or written. Your comments and their response will be incorporated in the Final decision on the Permit.

In the end, it is a Public Meeting, not a hearing. While the meeting will have structure, it is informal. This is the first of a series of permits that Exxon needs to build their plant. It’s about industrial water effluent and storm water flowing to our bays and estuaries from the world’s largest plant of its kind. Think about it.

TCEQ Public Meeting: EXXON/SABIC Industrial Wastewater Permit