Why Should I Attend the December 11 TCEQ Public Meeting?

There are a number of reasons to attend. Exxon will be there to answer your questions. You can state on the record you oppose the granting of their Wastewater and Stormwater Permit. You can offer reasons why you oppose it, or not. Both are valid objections. Equally important is your attendance will demonstrate to TCEQ a community wide concern about the impact of this facility. No doubt Exxon will have their people there. The San Patricio and Corpus Christi Economic Development Corporation representatives will be there supporting Exxon. They, and the San Patricio County Commissioners Court got this started.

It is important for each of you to hear your neighbors, to hear the answers to questions raised, to listen to the heartfelt comments of those who oppose this project. In the past, Portland, Gregory, and surrounding communities have been relatively quiet, accepting growth, and reserved in being outspoken or contentious. The public rallies against Exxon have been the most public display of outrage in the past 35 years. We just don’t get in the streets here, right?

PCU holds a townhall meeting in 2017.

There are no rallies planned for December 11. TCEQ staff does not care about rallies. They care about the folks who show up at their meeting, who ask questions, and comment on the permit. They have a job to do and it is important that we “help them along” as they consider the permit and restrictions on that permit. We all are upset that Exxon chose a timetable that would coincide with the treasured joys of the holiday season. They know it is the perfect time to move forward while folks are engaged in family, children, trips and tradition. We should expect nothing else from them.

While there are many environmental battles going on across the United States, ours is as unique and personal as it gets. We fish in the waters that Exxon wants to pollute; we relish in the bird life that offers us quiet moments of natural beauty; we cherish the life of a small community while accepting moderate and restrained growth.

It’s this Monday night, 7 pm. If you cannot make the meeting, we have previously posted how you can comment online and will do so again.

TCEQ Public Meeting: EXXON/SABIC Industrial Wastewater Permit