GCGV/EXXON/SABIC File for Permits. What you can do.

Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (Exxon/SABIC) have filed air permit applications with the TCEQ under “Gulf Coast Growth Ventures Asset Holding LLC”.

At this time, you cannot get the applications online. It can only be accessed in person at the Central filing in Austin. However, once the TCEQ Executive Director has determined that the application is administratively complete, public notice will be issued and comment solicited. At that time, the material will be made available locally, most likely at the Bell Whitington Library in Portland.

So what can you do while we wait for public notice?

    1. Learn about the permitting process and opportunity for public participation.  Read the “Texas Environmental Public Participation Guide” by the University of Texas Law School Environmental Clinic.  This guide provides general information about the TCEQ process for permitting the GCGV/Exxon/SABIC petrochemical complex and the opportunity for public participation.
    2. Send a letter requesting notification of TCEQ activity.
      Being informed and keeping up to date is extremely important.  Those concerned with the proposed GCGV/EXXON/SABIC petrochemical complex should write the TCEQ requesting to be placed on the mailing list for all TCEQ activity in the area.  Your letter should look like the following:
    3. Sign our petition, Share our petition!
      We need your help with our new petition addressing air permitting and water rights that may support the massive Exxon/SABIC/GCGV petrochemical facility.  You can sign/share our online petition by clicking here.  Want to help gather signatures for our petition?  Click here!

    4. Join the Sierra Club
      The Sierra Club is the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Locally, they helped stop the building of Las Brisas and they are no friend of Exxon. They have a history with Exxon and have sued for multiple violations of air quality standards in Baytown. Portland Citizens United URGES our friends and neighbors to take a moment to join the Sierra Club. Its only $15 and well worth it. This $15 investment may very well come right back to benefit our community directly. Visit the Sierra Club website at www.SierraClub.org and click Join.

TCEQ Permit Application information:
The Regulated Entity Number is: RN109753731. Permit and Project Numbers are as follows:
Permit # 146425, Project # 268176
Permit # PSDTX1518, Project # 268178
Permit # GHGPSDTX170, Project # 268179
While there are three filings, they will all likely be treated as one under Permit #146425.