The Exxon/SABIC Industrial Wastewater Permit Application

With the TCEQ Public Meeting regarding Exxon’s Industrial Wastewater permit application fast approaching on Monday, December 11th, we felt it would be beneficial to the community to post the entire 157 page permit application.   

Thanks to the Suter Family and our friends at the Sierra Club we have obtained a copy.  The application goes into technical detail of what this petrochemical facility will discharge into our bays.  

Please take a moment to review the permit application.  We understand it is extremely technical but a quick Google search of some of the chemicals listed to be discharged, i.e., Hexachlorobenzene, brings realization that this monstrosity will discharge harmful byproducts into our already vulnerable bays and estuaries.  It is our responsibility as citizens to speak up and we (PCU) hope to see you at the Public Meeting in Gregory on December 11th.

We are providing the entire permit application for download below.

Download PDF – GCGV Industrial Wastewater Permit Application


TCEQ Public Meeting: EXXON/SABIC Industrial Wastewater Permit